SPLIT-PIVOT's [concentric dropout pivot] is the heart of this new design. The [concentric dropout pivot] and Dave Weagle's engineering allow for performance features that no single pivot can duplicate.

SPLIT-PIVOT separates acceleration forces from braking forces in the suspension The system reduces excess suspension compression due to acceleration forces, and at the same time reduces excess compression due to braking forces.

Braking neutrality can be tuned independently of acceleration characteristics, and leverage rate curves can be tuned to meet the needs of the application.

SPLIT-PIVOT can be engineered to build lightweight frame structures without resorting to exotic materials or tube shapes.

Featuring 12mm thru axle, QR 12mm axle, or 10mm vertical QR possibilities, plenty of stock wheels fit the design.

Bottom Line: SPLIT-PIVOT is a patented DW suspension that can be engineered to offer a ride that will make you want to be on your bike more often.

[concentric dropout pivot], brake side

[concentric dropout pivot], drive side

[concentric dropout pivot] and swingarm layout

[concentric dropout pivot] and swingarm side view

[concentric dropout pivot] and QR12 axle